Krystal Schultheiss (VJ KS)

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Krystal Schultheiss (VJ KS)

Krystal Schultheiss (VJKS) is a Motion Graphic Designer from Melbourne Australia. She has been projecting live and mapped animation installations locally and internationally since 2011. Mostly performing and exhibiting in music and arts festivals, live music venues, and fashion runways, including Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Gertrude Street Projection Festival and L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Week for Nixi Killick. Krystal is also a co-director of Project Pixel which explores live visual performance and arts through presenting exhibitions and events.

Within her live performance, Krystal mixes and manipulates her individually designed motion graphics and animations. Along with live generated imagery, Krystal experiments visually with images of nature and geometric forms as an expression of her phenomenological encounter with reality.

Her intention is to engage with the audience and shift their awareness. Creating a shared harmonious immersive experience with the people around them.


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