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VJ Union Global

Presentation by Grigori  and Scott Wisely

In their talk they will cover the history, ongoing developments and practices that shape day to day activity for VJ Union Global across the world.

Grigori(vdmo Kstati) – VJ Union Founder

Scott Wisely (shinythings) VJ Union Sys Admin –
Technologist at Heart and Practice, – shinythings addition to VJ world brought level of sophistication and technological curiosity at every level.
Applying his skills to Real Time Manipulation and Custom Built Performance patches, his shows hold exciting edge, generative driven content and bleeding edge software that he uses wisely. Solid partner and developer of VJ Union systems, Scott brings an experienced edge and thirst for Live Visual Technology Arts in his day to day practise.


Covering areas such as the online presence of:

VJ Union Global
VJ Union Loops
VJ Union Hardware

along with VJ Union Meetings we have been running worldwide

plus our regional groups

VJ Union Australia
VJ Union Europe
VJ Union USA
VJ Union Asia
VJ Union Middle East
VJ Union Israel
VJ Union Russia
VJ Union South America
VJ Union Mexico
VJ Union Canada
VJ Union France
VJ Union Berlin
VJ Union India
VJ Union Africa