Industry Panel Discussion – Video Documentation

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Industry Panel Discussion – Video Documentation

Project Pixel presents Kit Webster, Richard De Souza (MNRV), Sean Healy (Jean Poole) and Dr Joshua Paris Batty in a panel discussion at the 2015 Pause Fest Melbourne Australia. Moderated by Drewe Clarke, these leading artists talk in depth about the nature of creating live visuals and video installations for artistic practice.

Filmed by: HernĂ¡n Lopera
Edited by: Krystal Schultheiss

All timecodes can be viewed as playhead links on the description of the vimeo hosted page.

Q:What are your workflow and processes?
Answered by
Kit 3:53
Josh 5:18
Richard 6:36
Sean: 8:29
Q:Can art be and industry?
Answered by:
Kit: 15:20
Richard: 17:00
Josh: 18:15
Sean: 21:21
Q:Is VJing art or is it Design?
Answered by:
Kit: 22:10
Richard: 22:29
Josh: 23:13
Sean: 24:41
Q:What changes have you seen in Live Visuals?
Answered by:
Kit: 26:00
Richard: 28:11
Josh: 29:00
Sean: 30:55
Richard: 33:57
Josh: 34:48
Q:What do you think is coming up that will take the current industry to the next level?
Kit: 36:35
Richard: 38:53
Josh: 40:00
Q:Whats your thoughts in using other peoples video content?
Sean: 41:30
Kit: 44:50
Josh: 46:02
Richard: 47:25
Audience Question: What advice do you have to stream line the process of creating instead of just experimenting with computer generated visuals.
Josh: 49:00
Sean: 51:41
Richard: 54:06
Josh: 55:46
Kit: 57:04
Audience Question: What to you think of online browser media?
Kit: 58:37
Richard: 58:55
Josh: 59:00
Sean: 1:00:21
Josh: 1:01:29
Audience Question: Has any one experimented with non euclidean geometry?
Sean: 1:04:50
Josh: 1:06:47
Audience Question: Have you had experience with experimenting with the motion of performers?
Josh: 1:08:59
Richard: 1:11:00
Sean: 1:12:00
Drewe: How accessible has digital art become?
Kit: 1:16:44
Sean 1:17:32
Richard: 1:19:23
Josh: 1:20:10
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