Kit Webster

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Kit Webster

Kit Webster is a mixed-media artist based in Melbourne, Australia. His works, which range from site-specific projections to digital sculptures, utilise precision programming and visualisation techniques to create captivating immersive environments. In continually pushing the boundaries of technology and art, Kit is not afraid to present experimental concepts designed to expose possibilities for the creation of a new kind of audiovisual aesthetic.

Kit’s work has attracted invitations to participate in exhibitions and arts festivals in Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Croatia, New Zealand and the USA.

His first major works were the synchronised sound and light installations ‘Dataflux’, exhibited at the RMIT School of Art Gallery, and ‘Scribbluminous’, both of which attracted wide exposure.

Following an internship at a leading European interactive design studio, Kit returned to develop his synesthetic digital audiovisual sculpture ‘Enigmatica’, which led to numerous invitations to participate in international exhibitions and arts festivals. He has also been a featured artist at the Gertrude Projection Festival in Fitzroy, has held a solo exhibition at Darkhorse Experiment gallery, and participated in several group exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney.

As well as his installations and digital sculptures, Kit works on commissioned projections, theatre productions and live visual art for music events such as Stereosonic, Sugar Mountain festival and Melbourne Music Week.

In 2013 he worked on ‘Sound to Light’, with Chiara Kickdrum, an audiovisual performance transforming sonic elements into an evolving geometric composition, presented at Dark Mofo in Hobart; ‘The Terminal Projekt’, live mapped visuals and geometric sculpture design for VIVID Sydney; ‘Vertex’, an abstract digital sculpture exploring spatial complexities and convolution, exhibited at the Darkhorse Experiment gallery; and ‘Dataflux v2’, digitally mapped catwalk staging for presentation of the Dion Lee fashion range at New York Fashion Week.

This year he has created ‘Hypercube’, a programmed LED-illuminated 4D cubic sculpture commissioned for the ‘White Night Melbourne’ festival and also for exhibition at the Abbotsford Convent arts precinct, and ‘Plateaux’, a multi-faceted laser-cut audiovisual sculpture illuminated with mapped projections, commissioned and acquired by Bendigo Art Gallery for their permanent collection.