Sean Healy

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Sean Healy

Sean Healy (aka ‘Jean Poole’) – is a Melbourne based video artist, specialising in live projections, though extending to animation, music video direction and installation design.

His fascination with the possibilities of real-time video manipulation – has seen him projecting video onto 100 million year old dinosaur skeletons, onto car wrecks in the Australian desert, onto Turkey’s Cappadocia cliffs, and onto masked wrestlers on rooftops in Mexico.

Pattern Machine at Cockatoo Island :

This passion for shaping atmospheres with video, has also found him controlling multi-screened and projection mapped video for theatre, and accompanying musicians at the Sydney Opera House, ACMI, the OK Video festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, the LPM festival in Rome, Italy, and at Australian festivals such as the Big Day Out, the Meredith Music Festival, Electrofringe, Stereosonic, Golden Plains, Good Vibrations, The Melbourne Jazz festival and the Falls Festival.

Most recently he has toured Mexico with the Cumbia Cosmonauts, and has been commissioned to create and control projection mapped video environments for the MONA museum’s annual MOFO and Dark MOFO festivals, and he is currently designing live visual sets for several artists.

His six-screen animation,‘Animals Really Are Funny People’, won the 2007 International Panoramic prize from Horse Bazaar + MONA.

He occasionally teaches about the intersection of media and architecture at RMIT, and writes about video at

Audego Motion Graphics Medley by Jean Poole


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